UPDATED 11/4/2022




    We are a small, in-home AMERICAN BULLY program, located in Washington State. We focus on pocket and short standard class. Our bullies are more than just dogs, they are family first and foremost and a big part of our life. We take pride in raising top-quality puppies that grow into incredible companions with show potential. We have the improvement of this breed at heart and do our very best to make sure our puppies go home with the best paw forward by bringing up puppies under foot in our home with a whole lot of love. We believe a good puppy starts with exceptional parents, not just the looks but with health in mind as well. To do this, all our bullies must meet certain structural, temperamental and health requirements. The muscles and colors come as a PLUS! We test DNA as well as additional health testing through the OFA. We are helped by vets, professionals and handpick quality champion bloodlines to add to our program helping us create some of the best companions. If you find yourself asking if this breed may be right for you, please feel free to contact us for advice and assistance. We are happy to help and love to chat about this outstanding breed!

- Allyssa C, Owner/Breeder

Feel free to look around our website or send us an email if you have any questions at SouthHillBullies@gmail.com 

You can also call or text us at (253) 985-1326 if you have any immediate inquiries. 

You will find our Testimonials below as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages at the bottom of every page.



We want our potential families to feel as comfortable as possible when purchasing their new family member from us.

We strive to go above and beyond for our SHB family and stand behind our puppies 100%!